Grilled vegetables: which ones to use and how to grill them?

Grilled vegetables? Vegetables are excellent side dishes in our BBQs. Whether are raw or roasted, vegetables are the ideal healthy option especially if there are people who do not eat meat.

In this post I will show you the most used vegetables and the way to grill them.

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Types of vegetables that can be grilled

Potatoes, sweet potato and yuccas

Grilled potatoes

The potato is the star vegetable side dish in grills, as its neutral flavor goes excellent with the flavor of meats. But sweet potato and cassava are other tubers that work the same way.

How to grill them? First you need to wash them and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then, place them whole directly on the embers for an approximate time of 40 minutes.

When you feel the potatoes are soft, remove them from the grill.


grilled peppers

These are my favorites grilled vegetables. The red, green and yellow pepper (this last one the best!) give a sweet flavor to our roasts. You can roast them on their own, or incorporate them into salads.

How to grill them? If you decide to grill them, you should do it without removing their skin. You can cut them in half and fill them with cheese or egg. Or just grill them whole, remove them when they are slightly charred (not burned) and carefully peel them to finally cut them into strips.

Tip: choose peppers that have smooth and firm skin, and avoid those that are wrinkled.

Eggplant or aubergines

Grilled peppers and aubergines

How to grilled them? Eggplants or aubergines acquire different consistencies depending on how they are roasted. For a creamy consistency, you should roast them whole for 25 minutes until they are seared; remove them, remove the skin and the mashs.

You can also grill them in slices so that they absorb the aroma of the charcoal and have a smoky flavor. But before grilling them, it is advised that you soak them in salty water for half an hour, then cover them with olive oil and finally roast them.

Tip: Acquire eggplants that are cylindrical in shape, not round.


Grilled asparagus and tomatoes
Grilled asparagus and tomatoes

How to grilled them? Before you grill them, you need to cut off the end of the stem. Due to the thinness of the asparagus, it is common to join four asparagus aligned and pierce them with toothpicks at the top and bottom. You can also help yourself with a grill pan.

Grill them on both sides and you get some crispy veggies.


Grilled tomatoes

How to grilled them? Tomatoes are also roasted whole with the skin on or sliced. You should roast them until the pulp is soft, remove them and remove the skin.

If you are a fan of cherry tomatoes, you can grill them using a grill pan. You place them whole, covered in olive oil, a couple of garlic cloves, basil leaves and a little sugar. Remove when tomatoes are soft.


Grilled vegetables

These are also my favorites grilled vegetables as they capture all the aroma of charcoal. The recommended mushrooms are the Portobello, since they contain less water than the rest of the mushrooms and for this reason they resist the heat of the grill more.

How to grilled them? You can fill them with cheese, or simply grill them with a little olive oil.

Tip: Choose mushrooms that are free of spots, fluff, or stickiness. Before use, wipe them with a damp cloth.

Onion and garlic

grilled garlic

The high water content of the onion prevents it from drying out when roasted. Besides, its high sugar content makes it caramelize.

How to grilled them? You can roast the onions whole with their skin, or you can also cut them into slices. Grill until tender, then remove. Finally you can bathe them in olive oil or you can even put a little butter on them.

As for garlic, on the other hand, you must be very careful when grilling it because they burn very quickly (little water content). It is best to wrap them in loose aluminum foil during cooking.

Zucchini or squash

Grilled zucchini

Zucchini is also high in water content.

How to grilled them? It is preferable to cut them in half and roast them in strips over the coals. You can also smear a little olive oil on it.

Tip: the smaller the zucchini, the better it tastes. Buy those with firm skin, without wrinkles.

Tips when grilling vegetables

  • Clean the grill very well before grilling the vegetables.
  • You can season vegetables to your liking, but the most used are olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • The oil is essential to prevent vegetables from sticking on the grates of our grill.
  • You can also purchase a nonstick skillet to roast vegetables on the grill quietly without them overcooking.
  • You must take care that vegetables do not dry out.
  • Avoid cooking them at very high temperatures because they can burn. The ideal temperature for most vegetables is medium-high, but those that are more delicate can be roasted at medium temperatures ( Read: how to check the temperature of the grill).
  • Cooking time for most vegetables is 3-5 minutes per side.

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