These are the best BBQ drinks (BBQ pairing)

Who doesn’t grill drinking beer? At least I consider myself guilty. I even consider that there is no barbecue without beer. The good thing is that there are many BBQ drinks options to enjoy an excelent outdoor party. That’s why I decided to collect some options so you can choose which one suits your tastes.

It should be noted that I investigated a little more and discovered that this art of combining a drink and its ideal food (in our case, meat) is known as pairing. And it has its logic, since they explain the properties that certain drinks have to better taste meats.

But as I have already mentioned, everyone chooses what they like the most. So here we go with the best BBQ drinks!

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What to drink with BBQ?


My favorite bbq drink is beer, especially the lagers. The idea of beer is to refresh, that’s why it shouldn’t be so heavy.

And it will refresh you even more if you are the designated grill man, since as you will know, the heat of the smoke is suffocating and what better way to counteract it than with a cold and light beer, since we do not want it to be too heavy when eating.

beer and grill

Red wine

In the gastronomic world, the perfect combination of drink + food is red wine with red meat, as it is claimed that red wine makes the flavor of meat lighter and, at the same time, more digestible.

If you are one of those who like this type of drink (or have a demanding palate), I recommend that it be a Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec .

red wine and grilled meat

White wine

White wine, being lighter than red wine, also gives you a feeling of freshness similar to beer.

Although there are those who recommend taking it during the bite before eating the roast as is.

white wine and grilled meat

Mineral water

A good choice for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages, as they go well with red meat. Also, I think it is less boring than normal water XD.

mineral water and grilled meat

Topics that may interest you:

BBQ pairings recommended by experts

  • Lager or pilsen beersare excellent while eating pork, due to the subtle flavor of the meat and the light flavor of the beer. Although they also serve to cleanse the palate a bit in the cases of spicy sausages.
  • Lagers are also great for beef, especially when eating hamburgers. But most of the older beef is enjoyed with beers of the type ale .
  • Champagne, being acidic, is excellent with greasy meats as it eliminates this sensation.
  • Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon wines are the favorite to consume red meat due to the large amount of tannins they own.

What other BBQ drinks do you recommend? Feel free to comment.

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