Matambre: What is it and how to tenderize this cut of beef?

Beef Matambre (matambre de res), or simply matambre, is an Argentinian cut of meat that has become very popular in latinamerican BBQs. And for me (an ecuadorian guy) is one of my inevitable options when it comes to grilling.

Although there is also a matambre from pork, the beef one has become popular as an ideal meat for any barbecue.

Personally, it is always part of my cuts of meat when I have to be the host grill, and for that reason, I have gained experience in cooking recipes with this juicy cut.

That’s why I will share you a little bit of what I know about the matambre and I will list some recipes that you can make.

Sauces that goes well with this cut:

In which part of the cow is the matambre?

The matambre comes out of the space between the ribs and the beef hide. It is a flat cut, broad and with a layer of abundant fat. The breadth of this cut gives us the possibility of covering it with ingredients such as cheese and vegetables, and its fat gives it an excellent flavor.

When we prepare matambre, it is important to keep a good temperature because we want a very juicy meat.

Cooking beef matambre usually takes up to 30 minutes, while pork matambre can be cooked in up to 15 minutes depending on the size of the cut.

All over Latin America, this cut is also known as:

  • Malaya
  • Caucara falda dorada
  • Falda de res
  • Sobrebarriga
  • Suadero
Beef Matambre

How to tenderize beef matambre?

In order for the matambre to come out smooth once we put it on the grill, we must do a “tenderizing” process.

There are a few ways to tenderize it:

  • Hitting the cut: With a mallet or any heavy object, tap both sides of the matambre for a few minutes to break up its fibers. This method is ideal if you just want to add salt to the cut and grill.
  • Tenderized with milk: You have to place the cut completely spreading in a container, pour it with milk and cover it. Then take it to the refrigerator preferably until next day. The guys of Locos x el asado usually take the cut to the oven for two hours at a temperature of 120 °C instead of taking it to the fridge. If you want to add more flavor to the mash, in both methods you can add paprika, pepper, garlic, among other dressings that you like.

Beef matambre recipes

There are many ways to prepare beef matambre. The most important thing before preparing it is to pay close attention to the cut: make sure the meat is reddish and the fat is whitish. If it is yellow it means that it is not good.

In addition, before placing the cut on the grill, try to remove the excess fat, but not all because that is what gives it the flavor.

Grilled Matambre

The simplest, but not the least rich for that. It’s actually my favorite and consists of placing the cut on the grill and adding a little salt to it. Remember that the fat side should be up longer, and you flip it over just to seal.

Matambre a la pizza

Matambre a la pizza consists of sealing the cut in the oven or grill and then, on the side that has the fat, spread tomato paste, mozzarella and tomato slices as if it were a pizza dough.

Matambre a la pizza

Matambre Arrollado

Matambre arrollado has become part of the typical argentinian roasts and consists of placing a filling (usually vegetables and hard-boiled eggs) in the middle of the cut. Then roll it up – with the fat on the inside – and grill it.

Matambre Arrollado

Matambre a la fugazzeta

Matambre fugazzeta is very similar to the matambre a la pizza. But in this case it is usually made with dutch or gouda cheese and pearl onion cut into rings. The goal in this recipe is to let the cheese melt over the matambre.

Matambre fugazzeta

Matambre al libro

It consists of folding the matambre on itself and then filling its interior with egg, onion, cheese, red pepper and ham.

Matambre al libro
Picture: Crazy X the roast

Ready to try this cut?

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