9 basic bbq accessories for grilling

If you are already encouraged to enter this world of bbq addicts, you should know the most essential bbq accessories for grilling.

In my experience, these accessories will make grilling much easier and will allow you to improve the cooking of meats.

You also need to know this:

Is it necessary to acquire all these bbq accessories?

Not really. As long as you get a good knife and a thermometer you are ready to grill.

Over time you can add more tools to your grilling kit as you need them.

The idea will always be to start small and grow as you gain experience.

BBQ accessories kit

These are the most important bbq accessories:


It is a utensil that serves to spray water on the fire to lower the temperature. In this way, the steam produced helps keep food moist.

You can also have another atomizer and place a garnish of your choice inside, and while grilling, pour it to your meats.

Spatula and tweezers

Important pieces when grilling. Its flat surfaces allow meat to be gripped or turned without piercing it.

This is essential because it prevents the juices from the meats from being released onto the charcoal, as research has shown that the smoke generated by the contact of the fat with the fire can be harmful to food.

Meat knife

The most important tool in your barbecue kit as it will make it easier for you to cut meats. Experts recommend having a steak knife with a blade 20 to 25 cm long and 3 cm wide. And that is preferably stainless steel.

Insulating gloves

Insulating gloves allow you to handle very hot items without running the risk of burning yourself.


A thermometer is essential to take the temperature of thick cuts of meat. There are two types: needle and digital.

Soon I will publish a post on the uses and differences of both types of barbecue thermometers.

Even while you can also read how to measure grill temperature without thermometer and the doneness of beef .


They are used to apply oil, marinade, sauces and even water to moisten food.


Like spatulas and tongs, the fork is used to lift food. But NOT prodding them (in some cases it may be necessary).

The correct way to use it is to slide it between the grill grates and the food.

Brushes or scourers

These are cleaning accesories and are used to clean the grill grates before and after grilling. The goal is to remove food residues and excess fat that remain.

The wire brush is the most recommended.


Finally you will always need to have your steak knife affiliated. And the whetstone is more than enough.

The way to sharpen it is by sliding the knife inclined at 20 degrees with respect to the stone and moving it in a circular way.

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