Argentinian Choripan

In this post I show you the original recipe of the Argentinian choripan, this famous “chorizo sandwich” in roasts worldwide (especially in Latinamerica).

The original ingredients of the choripan are:

  • BBQ Chorizo.
  • French bread.

Traditionally, this type of chorizo is cooked on the grill almost fresh and uncured (without smoking or drying). The idea is to cook it until it acquires a dark red hue typical of roasted chorizo.

Here is the recipe for the Argentinian choripan. You will see that it is one of the easiest and fastest recipes that you can make on the grill.

Argentinian choripan recipe


  • 4 barbecue sausages (Chorizo). It can be pork or beef.
  • 1 French bread cut into four parts. You can also use baguette, but keep it soft.


  1. Cook the sausages (chorizos) on the grill at medium heat. Try to cook them for about 25 minutes each side until they are reddish.
  2. Grill the parts of the bread until they are crispy (try not to burn them). Then remove them and cut them in half, but without completely separating them.
  3. Once the chorizos are cooked, you can place a whole one inside the bread. Or if you prefer a “butterfly choripan” (choripan mariposa in spanish), cut the chorizo in half and place each chorizo on each half of the bread.
  4. Season the choripan with the sauce of your choice.

Choripan dressings

Among the main dressings we have:

Argentine choripán recipe

Recipe name: Argentinian choripan recipe
Category: Sandwich, lunch
Kitchen: Argentina
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 50 minutes
Calories: 630 calories

Watch how the choripan is prepare

What is choripan?

Choripan is a native sandwich from Río de la Plata region (Argentina, Uruguay and Chile) that consists of chorizo grilled between two pieces of French bread and dressed with chimichurri sauce. That’s why its name: chorizo + pan (bread in spanish = choripan).

Its origins took place in the middle of the 19th century in the rural areas of this region, but over time it reached the big cities until it was finally internationalized.

In Argentina, the choripan is usually a kind of side dish in roasts, serving it as a pre-starter to the special banquet due to its rapid cooking.

But it also becomes the main dish in the so-called ‘choriceadas’ or ‘choripaneadas’.

It is also considered as “the best sreet food” in Argentina, therefore you will find them in abundance in various street carts in the country.

This dish is quite simple to prepare and is usually eaten without dressings or with different types of sauces.

Choripan butterfly

The usual preparation of chorizo is to cook it without piercing (‘mariposear’). That is, once ready, the whole chorizo is placed inside the bread.

However, there is also another common way of preparation called Choripan Mariposa.

Here the chorizo is cut lengthwise in half to cook it faster. In this way, the chorizo is opened in two parts and a little chimichurri sauce (or another seasoning) is poured into it.

The way of presentation depends on your preferences. However, tit tends to dry a little faster.


A variation of the sandwich, but instead of using chorizo, it is used a cut of beef known as “Vacío”.


The same, but using blood sausage (black pudding sandwich).

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